April 22, 2019
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Learning and Exploring Through Play: Salt Dough Snowman Keepsake for Kids to Make
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Fun Paper Bag Hippopotamus Kids Craft that couples great as a puppet for pretend play. The marshmallow teeth are a fun touch for kids!
amazing small kids space - blackboard wall, library wall, teepee, lantern
Though we can’t settle the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, we can share some fun ideas for what to do with your old egg cartons. With these creative ideas that range from making flower wreaths to space ships, you’ll keep your kids entertained for an afternoon and beyond. The main supply you’ll need is an empty...
Easy Paper Spinners Tutorial - ever wondered how to make these fun paper toys? They are a super easy kids crafts! And a great way to explore COLOUR Wheel THEORY. So makes a great STEAM project too. You can either experiment to your hearts content or use o
Playroom decor. Label sections of the room: Art Center "Create", Reading nook "Read", Kitchen/Nursery area "Imagine", Dress-up/Stage area "Dream"
DIY Lego Table Ideas - Lego Instruction Manuals kept in binders
How to build a baby or pet gate in 10 minutes